Populate LOV in BPM generated Human Task (ADF) pages

Populate LOV in BPM workspace pages (HumanTask generated pages)
We want to show the case status value instead of statusID in Case HumanTask object

• In Jdeveloper create a Model project the BPM Application.


• Connect to the database where the domain values are available and accept all default settings Click Finish.
• Create a Viewobejct and it to the AppModule



• Accept all default settings Click Next then Finish
• Add the ViewObject to the AppModule


• Drag the value of the DataControl to the page and create select one choice



Select the following in the popup screen
• In the Base Data Source the payload of the object, in this case is CaseObject
• Chose Dynamic List
• In the List Data Source select the created LOV datasource
• For the datavalue select status and the List Attribute the ID from LOV
• Chose for Display Attribute the Description
• Then OK


In the SelectOneChoise element set auto submit= true


You Done, now you can delete the status value which has been auto generated from the HT page.