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When you are dealing with huge data, you need to limit your end user loading all the data from database without applying any parameter to the report.

Here we have an option to do it. There is parameter in IG that calls “apex$x” where x is the number of columns in your IG.

select EMPNO, ENAME,
from EMP
where (1=2 or upper(“ENAME”) like :apex$1 or upper(“JOB”) like :apex$2)


Oracle APEX template application

The first setup of an application is always a time consuming activity. To reduce that for all APEX developers I have create a template application with custom login functions.

The package includes all tables and functions you need to up and run you complete APEX application with a few clicks.

You can download the complete app

User the below code to get your own username en password

 l_user_name varchar2(100);
 l_user_pwd varchar2(100);
 l_user_name :='';
 l_user_pwd := APP_SECURITY_PKG.get_hash('','Welcome01');
 UPDATE app_user
 usr_name = l_user_name,
 usr_pwd = l_user_pwd
 usr_id = 1;



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