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When you are dealing with huge data, you need to limit your end user loading all the data from database without applying any parameter to the report.

Here we have an option to do it. There is parameter in IG that calls “apex$x” where x is the number of columns in your IG.

select EMPNO, ENAME,
from EMP
where (1=2 or upper(“ENAME”) like :apex$1 or upper(“JOB”) like :apex$2)


APEX 5.2 Swagger Doc generator

Oracle APEX 5.2 Early Adopter is there, get an account and start developing in APEX 5.2

Some new features

– New Create Application wizard

– Interactive Grid Enhancement

– Page Design Enhancement

– Remote SQL Data access

– New REST workshop

– REST service consumption  and more…

The REST development GUI is redesigned. One of the cool thing I saw is Swagger Doc generator.

When you create a REST service, under your “ORDS Module Definition” there is a button to Generate Swagger Doc.

{"swagger":"2.0","info":{"title":"ORDS generated API for Examples","version":"1.0.0"},"host":"","basePath":"/pls/apex/maz52/api/employees","schemes":["https"],"produces":["application/json"],"paths":{"/emp":{"get":{"produces":["application/json"],"responses":{"200":{"description":"output of the endpoint","schema":{"type":"object","properties":{}}}}}}}}


Go to and paste your doc into the editor. You can test your API here and see all its possibilities and return code. You can generate client code of your API by clicking the menu Generate Client.

Good luck with playing 🙂