Upgrade Oracle Application Express (ApEx) from 3.x to 4.x

You should have a directory structure similar to this:
C:\app\Administrator\product\11.1.0\db_1\apex (this is the unzipped  kit)
C:\app\Administrator\product\11.1.0\db_1(this is created by the Oracle 11g installation)
C:\app\Administrator\product\11.1.0\db_1\oradata (this is created by the Oracle 11g installation)

Step 1
Open DOS CMD window and change default to the directory of the unzipped Apex kit.
CMD> cd C:\app\Administrator\product\11.1.0\db_1\apex

Step 2 – Upgrade
CMD> sqlplus sys/password as sysdba

Step 3 – Set images directory
CMD> sqlplus sysm/password as sysdba
SQL> @apxldimg.sql c:\oraclexe

Step 4 – Set Admin password
SQL> @apxxepwd.sql password

Step 5 – Enable remote http connections
SQL> exec dbms_xdb.setListenerLocalAccess (l_access => FALSE);

URL: http://localhost:8080/apex
Workspace: yourworkspace
Username: useraccount
Password: password

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