Jenkins & SVN

My concern is always how to keep code safe!!!

When I deploy my code to production environment, I would like to have a rollback scenario just in case something goes wrong..

I follow the below steps to have the last copy of my release safe since I have CI/CD running in Jenkins to deploy new versions of my application.

  • deploy the new version to your production environment
  • create a new revision of your recently deployed release
  • update release notes

next time you deploy, you always have the revision as it is on production in your subversion.

cd 01.src/OSB
svn upgrade

svn_log=svn log -r r${SVN_REVISION_1}

rel_nr='{ “rel_nr”: “‘”${newRelease}”‘”,’

rel_name='”rel_name”: “‘”${ReleaseType}”‘”,’
rel_desc='”rel_desc”: “‘”$svn_log”‘”, ‘
rel_fix='”rel_fix”: “‘”${STD_NUMMER}”‘”,’
rel_a='”rel_a”: “ja”, ‘
rel_svn_nr=’ “rel_svn_nr”: “‘”${projectChoosen}”‘:'”${SVN_REVISION_1}”‘”}’


I update my release notes with a REST call in APEX application automatically

curl -X POST -i -H “Content-type: application/json” http://localhost:8080/ords/releasenotes/releasenote/api/v01/releaseprod -d “$message”

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