OSB DB adapter in jdeveloper 12c having error

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I’m using Jdev and while creating DB adapter getting an error message “Failed to generate the business service Can’t set text value, current token can have no text value”

I searched the web and found that Oracle has a patch for this issue, but the description for linux was not there and beside that the documentation is too large to get read all for a small and critical issue.

I will make it easy for you and I have tested myself.

download the patch Patch 26851310 from oracle support site here. or from my repo here.

  • unzip it anywhere
  • make sure to have oracle_home and java_home set
  • go to <oracle_home>/OPatch
  • ./opatch apply /User/mazinabdulah/oracle/Middleware/Oracle_Home/26851310/

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  1. Hi,

    Thanks for the post, but the link is not workign. Can you help with the link please or upload to some repository

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