Oracle 12c drop administrative users

While deleting old version of ApEx you are getting the:

ERROR at line 1:
ORA-28014: cannot drop administrative users


SQL>; alter session set “_oracle_script”=true;
Session altered.

SQL> drop user apex_040200 cascade;
User dropped.

3 Replies to “Oracle 12c drop administrative users”

  1. salam mazin bhai
    there are any command through which we can check the user details i mean
    to show us username and its concern pdb in oracle 12 c
    please help me.
    fore example we have hundred of pdbs and each pdb contain 100 of user
    how to check that how to check that user belong to that pdb.
    thanks in advacne..
    Wajid khan

  2. Mazin bhai Salam
    i have created a user name oracleadm and granted create session priv to it but still not connecting
    show the ora-01017: invalid uername/password logon denied
    my username and password not wrong

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