Apache ActiveMQ Artemis on Oracle WebLogic 12c

The aim of this blog is to describe the configuration of WLS to connect to Artemis QM. 

This is based on a POC create for this purpose. 

  • Configuration for writing queue 
  • Created a project with a businessService to write the queue.
  • The Queue ‘DSLTEST’ created on the Artemis server.

Create JMSServer “Artimis_JMSServer_SOA_1” target it on soa_server1

  • Create JMS Module
  • ArtemisJMSModule
  • Create ForeignServer inside the module

Configure the JNDI connection URL and user the “org.apache.activemq.artemis.jndi.ActiveMQInitialContextFactory” as JNDI initial context Factory.  

Configure destination. Note that the Remote JNDI Name should start with dynamicQueue/<queuename>

Create a connection factory as Remote JNDI Name ‘QueueConnectionFactory’

Subdeployment should be like:  

Create a BusinessServer to write the queue

Create an oracle SB Proxy to read from the queue. The most important is that you use a ServiceAccount to authenticate the user.

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jDeveloper 12c AppModule Tester does not start

If your AppModule does not start under jDeveloper 12c

1- Open project properties under Application menu,

2- Select Run/Debug

3- Edit default configuration,

4- select Launch Settings,

5- Set Java Options to the value -Duser.timezone=GMT


Good luck.