SQLDeveloper 17.3 on Mac OSX – “SQL Developer requires a minimum of Java 8.”

You have the error “SQL Developer requires a minimum of Java 8.”¬† while you are running on another java version for other applications?

Make sure you have JDK8 unzipped somewhere on your Mac.

Go to your SqlDeveloper application in your application folder, then

Show Package Contents

The to folder MacOS under Contents.

Open sqldeveloper.sh file and replace



export JAVA_HOME=”/Users/<youlocationtojavafolder>/Java/jdk1.8.0_121.jdk/Contents/Home”



jDeveloper 12c AppModule Tester does not start

If your AppModule does not start under jDeveloper 12c

1- Open project properties under Application menu,

2- Select Run/Debug

3- Edit default configuration,

4- select Launch Settings,

5- Set Java Options to the value -Duser.timezone=GMT


Good luck.